Beer Consumption

Beer Glass being filled from tapBeer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world, and its consumption varies widely by country and region. Here are some interesting facts about beer consumption around the world:

  • Beer is the third most consumed drink in the world. Water is the first and tea is the second most consumed drink in the world.
  • Yearly, worldwide 50 billion gallons of beer is drank. For comparison only 6.2 billions gallons of wine is drank annually world wide.
  • Czech Republic drinks the most beer per capita consuming over 48 gallons per person annually.
  • Beer is cheaper than bottled water in the Czech Republic, where it is the birthplace of the pilsner.
  • China accounts for 20% of the world wide beer consumption by volume with an annual consumption of almost 10 billion gallons.
  • China has the lowest per capita beer consumption world wide. With 1.5 billion citizens they drink only 6.5 gallons per person.
  • The United States drinks 6.3 billion gallons of beer yearly. The U.S. accounts for 12% of worldwide consumption.
  • The United States per capita beer consumption is 19.2 gallons The overall beer consumption per adult age 21 and over in the United states is around 28 gallons.

Top 10 Beer Consuming Countries

Beer consumption measured per capita. Per capita take the volume of beer that country drinks and divides it by the population to show the gallons of beer consumed per person. When examining per capita beer consumption, nine of the top 10 consumers of beer per capita are European nations, with the Czech Republic remaining the leader in per capita beer drinking for the 29th year. The top 10 countries with the highest beer consumption per capita (in gallons) are:

1. Czech Republic – 48.6 gallons
2. Austria – 28.5 gallons
3. Romania – 16.5 gallons
4. Germany – 26 gallons
5. Poland – 25.8 gallons
6. Croatia – 24.7 gallons
7. Ireland – 24.5 gallons
8. Bulgaria – 20.8 gallons
9. Namibia – 20.3 gallons
10. Serbia – 19.8 gallons

Bottle of BeerIt is important to note that beer consumption varies greatly by country and region, and cultural and economic factors can play a significant role in consumption patterns and rankings may change over time.

Top 10 Beer Consuming States

The United States per capita average may be 19.2 gallons, the per capita beer consumption varies by state. These are the top 10 states in per capita beer consumption.

  1. New Hampshire – 41.5 gallons
  2. Montana with – 41.1 gallons
  3. North Dakota – 37.5 gallons
  4. South Dakota – 37.3 gallons
  5. Vermont – 34 gallons
  6. Wisconsin – 36.2 gallons
  7. Nevada – 35.8 gallons
  8. Nebraska – 35.2 gallons
  9. Texas – 34.4 gallons
  10. Maine – 34 gallons